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5 Harry Potter Baby Gifts from Etsy

Oppdatert: 24. sep. 2020

That will make you the coolest aunt or uncle in the baby shower! The greatest gift of all, must be to grow up with Harry Potter like we did. Here are some first time HP gifts that the family will love forever!

Important: I am an affiliate marketer. That means that if you buy products you find on my page, I might earn a percentage. That does NOT, however mean that this affect my choice of gifts. I am a affiliate for all the shop on Etsy.


Harry Potter "Marauder's Map" Minky Blanket

Picture the first time mother and child snuggle up together to read their first Harry Potter book. They will need to hide under the Marauder blanket when its scary of course!

Get the blanket here


Harry Potter Flying Keys Blue Crib Bedding Set.

Protected by love and magic. It's never too early to bring a little harry Potter magic into a child life, and this crib bedding set is perfect for that! Imagine little Albus falling asleep counting flying keys!

Get the HP Crib Bedding Set here


DIGITAL Newborn Backdrop Harry Potter Acceptance Letters Bed

It is a bit too early for the letter yet, but it's no harm in preparing them for whats to come! Give the proud parents a photo shoot with this great backdrop! This will be a great memory they will have on their wall forever!

Get the backdrop here


Harry Potter Musical Baby Mobile

This handcrafted nursery mobile is ideal for decorating a baby room . The baby will fall asleep watching the characters of HP smiling down at him or her.

Get the Baby Mobile here


Harry Potter Baby Bodysuit

I solemnly swear that every child gets into mischief. And the baby will have their favorite aunt or uncle there to help them on their mischievous endeavours!

Get baby onesie here

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