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10 free phone wallpapers with affirmations in Norwegian & English

I made 10 affirmations phone wallpapers. I have them as a reminder to ground myself, and do small affirmations every time I pick up my phone.

The photos are from Norwegian nature, and I have shot them myself. I have found the affirmations online, and they work for me. I made them with both Norwegian and English text so that all my friends can enjoy (and perhaps learn something in another language?)

How to save an image as a wallpaper:

Phone : click on picture and screenshot, then set as either your home or lock screen

Instagram Stories : Hold your thumb/finger on screen and screenshot, then set as either your home or lock screen.

Laptop/Computer : right click on photo, click on save image as and download to your computer. To get them to your phone airdrop them if you have an apple device, or just email/message them to your phone and set as wallpaper.











If you are looking for more information and inspiration regarding self care, I would recommend going to my self care board on Pinterest.

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