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Anna - The professional!

My name is Anna and I was born in Norway in 1987. I have a degree in art and design, has worked most of my life in the hotel industry, where I among other things worked as a Hotel Manager. I also have experience within Store Management and sometimes take on graphic design jobs.

You are more than welcome to send me a request here if you want my full resume.

Anna - The Nerd

I am a multi passionate creative, and that means there has been a lot of hobbies over the years. As you can se from the news clipping, I am a gamer and I sometimes stream games.


A group of us sometimes stream a local news show my area. We made the channel during the corona outbreak to help people in self isolation get new about the area where I live. It is all free and we only use the cameras and computers we own privately, but more and more people have now started to hire us to document events in our area, and stream them live.


That is when I am not trying to learn how to play a new instrument, reading a new book, making the whole hogwarts castle out of ginger bread, starting yet another art project, or redecorating my home.

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